The Rotary Club of Strathalbyn is teaming up with Heart of the Nation, founded by the original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, to bring life changing defibrillators to our community.  It is a fact that access to a defibrillator in the first few minutes after a cardiac arrest, can have a huge impact on saving lives.  In cases where a defibrillator is used there is a 72% increase in survival rates.
Strathalbyn Rotary purchased their own AED 5 years ago and placed it on the external wall of one of their members homes in Hampden Way, Strathalbyn so that it was accessible to the public.  At the time we did a letterbox drop to the area alerting people that is was available in an emergency and held a training exercise at the premises.  It was after the use of that AED earlier this year that this project came into being.  Although, sadly a life was not saved on that occasion, the use of the defibrillator gave the family precious extra time with their loved one before the ambulance arrived.  It was their wish that Rotary purchase another AED for the town and that started this journey.  Generous donations from their family and friends and further donations from community groups has now given us a foundation for the project.  With funds raised and an application for a Rotary Grant we could see up to $18,000 raised which would allow the purchase of 6 AED units. 
The story doesn't stop there, as community groups, business and individuals can play a part.  There is more than one way to join this project and make a difference.  Go to the dedicated Rotary/Heart of the Nation webpage to find out more. 
  • If your business or community group already has a defibrillator you can register it at no cost with Heart of the Nation, and receive stickers alerting the public that it is available.  It will also be added to the Heart of the Nation App which shows you where AEDs are located near you.
  • You can pay a small fee to have a GPS tracker added go your existing AED so that it can be tracked if it is being taken to an emergency.
  • You can choose to purchase a complete package which includes an AED with extra battery and defib pads, a cabinet, a GPS tracker, on-line training and inclusion in the HOTN App. 
  • Get together with your community or sporting group, get you neighbors together to jointly purchase one for your street, or if you are a business think about how this purchase could impact the safety of your staff, customers and the general public.
  • Contact the Rotary Club of Strathalbyn to present to your group and get the first hand information you need to make a decision.