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                  DUCK RACE 2017
The Rotary Club of Strathalbyn wishes to thanks all those who attended our race this year, all those who bought a ticket (and the lucky winners) and the support that we recieved from the community. See you again next year on Sunday the 11th of November.

On the second Sunday of November each year, the Great South Australian Duck Race is held in the Soldiers Memorial Park at the beautiful township of Strathalbyn.

The event officially commences at 10am, and includes a variety of stalls, food and fun for all the family. The Giant "Moby Duck" keeps a watch over all the ducklings whilst  “Cluck a Duck” will be waddling around at the park on the day, saying “quack” which is duck for hello.

The Great Duck race will be held during the day and will include 2500 numbered ducks being helped down the river by a huge wind machine. First prize is $1000.00, second prize is $300.00 and third prize is $200.00. For you to have a chance, there might be a few duck race tickets for sale on the day. If your ticket matches a winning duck’s number in the race, you will be a winner.

There is also a Corporate Duck race and the Best Dressed Duck competition. To enter these, you pay the entrance fee of $50 and make decoy duck measuring 390mm long, by 150mm wide, by 170mm high), as fast or as pretty and as fancy as possible. For more information follow the links below

If you are interested in having a stall, click

For a Stallholder Application form, click HERE

For a Corporate Duck Race & Best Dressed Duck Competition info, click HERE